Private Lie Detector Test

We recommend this service for resolving private issues. For instance, if you suspect a loved one of cheating on you. Or maybe you suspect that a friend of the family has taken something that belongs to you. We have even dealt with cases where parents suspect their children of taking drugs and want to find out the truth. These disputes can destroy families and friendships if they’re not resolved. Sometimes our private service is the only way to resolve these issues.

We can guarantee discretion and confidentiality in all cases. Our examiners are highly trained to be sensitive to the needs of our clients and we are experienced in dealing with all kinds of private cases, including:

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Sometimes the truth can be hard to hear. But don’t they say that the truth will set you free? We believe that the harshest truth is still better than a lie. If you want to get the answers you need to hear, then book a test now.

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How does it work?

No matter what the scenario, we can help. We will arrange for a lie detector test to be set up at a location near you and our well trained examiners will ask just the right questions to prove your innocence. A lie detector test will measure the physiological reactions of a person to carefully planned questions.


Polygraph testing has long been recognised as being the most accurate way to determine whether somebody is lying or not. The tests are a relatively short process and are accurate to within a tolerance of 95-98%. This is based on research by the American Polygraph Association that studied over 6000 tests used in real life crimes.



Within only 15 minutes you will get a full report. The examiner will sit down and discuss the results with you. This will be the moment of truth and our examiner will be on hand to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We train our examiners to be sympathetic to any sensitivity in the case, so you will be in safe hands. They will also be on hand if things should turn sour, providing you with safety and reassurance.


Example Questions

You will agree the questions to be asked with the examiner. This will consist of 1 to 3 closed questions (yes or no answers) and approximately 10 more general questions. We will help you to design the questions to get to the truth of the situation. Our examiners are very experienced in dealing with all manner of cases. Once you are happy with the questions that have been proposed, the examiner will proceed with the test.

Example Questions
  • Since the beginning of your relationship with your partner, have you engaged in a sexual intercourse with anyone else?
  • Since the beginning of your relationship with your partner, have you engaged in passionate kissing with anyone else?
  • Since the beginning of your relationship with your partner, have you had any form of contact with your ex-partner?
  • Have you ever engaged in any form of sexual contact with XXX?
  • Have you ever watched pornography?
  • Since the date on which you promised to your wife not to visit pornographic websites, have you watched any form of pornography?

If the truth is important to you, which we’re confident it is, then you will definitely benefit from using one of our services.

Infidelity Lie Detector Test

Relationship problems? Feel like your partner or spouse may be lying to you?

A good relationship is all about trust. When lies are suspected, it can break down. The good news is things can often be resolved when the truth becomes known. Or if they can’t then at least you can move on.

Our tests will find the truth in a relationship that has lost its way

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Suspect someone of stealing?

Maybe it’s an employee of your company helping themselves to stock. Or perhaps it’s a relative or friend that you suspect of taking advantage.

Cases of theft can cause all kinds of problems in work or at home, especially when the guilty party won’t own up.

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Prove your Innocence Test

There’s nothing worse than that feeling when you know you’re innocent, but nobody believes you. It can cause you to lose friends, colleagues or even loved ones.

If you find yourself in that position, sometimes the only way to prove yourself is to take a lie detector test in front of your accusers.

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Domestic Abuse Lie Detector Test

Maybe you have got together with a new partner who seems to have a bit of a temper and you want to check that he isn’t prone to abusive behaviour. A lie detector test can put your mind at rest.

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Disputes Over Paternity Test

If you have doubts over the paternity of children that you have been bringing up as your own, it can put extreme pressure on family life.

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Prove your Innocence

Being falsely accused can be devastating. It can destroy your relationships. The trust disappears. The pain of knowing that you have done nothing wrong can even lead to a mental breakdown. If you’re in the position of being wrongly accused, you will know what this is like. It is torture. It seems like there is no way out. That is where a lie detector test can come to your rescue. Not only can you prove your own innocence, but if someone else is to blame it can help to prove their guilt.

Polygraph tests are ideal for refuting false allegations. Maybe you’ve been accused of adultery by your partner and no matter how hard you try they won’t believe that you didn’t do it.
It’s hard to shake off allegations against you even if nothing can be proven. People say there is no smoke without fire and the trust will be impossible to restore. A polygraph will remove that doubt.

Case Study

False Accusations

Adam used to have a pornography addiction. But he got help and gave up the habit. However, his wife kept accusing him of looking at pornography. Every time she saw that he had been on the laptop she would point the finger.

It was driving him mad, so he booked himself a lie detector test and asked her to sit in on it. He passed the test, the examiner said it was almost certain that he was telling the truth. They worked on building the trust in their relationship and are now happily married.

Case Study

Theft (Family cases)

When Nicola noticed that her late mother’s jewellery had gone missing, she knew it must have been one of her three sons. She asked them all, but none of them would admit to taking them. She had no choice but to book a polygraph. It turned out that her middle son had stolen and pawned them to feed a gambling habit. Although it was heartbreaking, Nicola was glad that she found out the truth.


A common case that we deal with is theft within a family. This can be a very sensitive issue and needs to be dealt with carefully. We understand that you don’t want to accuse the wrong person as it can cause friction for years to come. That’s why we are so proud of the accuracy of our tests, up to 98%. We don’t want to see families torn apart by false accusations.

A lie detector test is the quickest and surest way to bring the thief to light. Our polygraph tests are industry leading and our examiners highly trained, so you can be assured that the truth will be found.

You really can’t afford to leave domestic theft unaddressed. If you have a case of theft and want to act quickly, contact us now. You can easily book the test online and bring the thief to justice swiftly and surely.


You don’t know what to think. One minute they’re telling you that they have been working late, the next that they went to the pub with friends. You’ve caught them out in a couple of lies already maybe. Or there’s just something that doesn’t add up in their behaviour. Going outside to take phone calls. Deleting the internet history on the laptop. You want to know what’s going on, but all you get is an angry denial.

This isn’t uncommon unfortunately. Surveys reveal that up to 40% of people admit cheating on their partner at least once. Then there’s other forms of betrayal. Lying about porn, drug or alcohol use. Hiding excessive spending or debts. All of these things will eat away at a relationship to the point where it will break down and be unfixable. Trust is everything.

A polygraph exam can give you answers. It can give you hope in a bad situation. The truth will either ease your worries if it turns out that they weren’t lying after all. Or it will give you the chance to restore things or move on if they were. The truth always sets you free.

Case Study


Sharon had suspected that Rob had been having an affair for a while. Her suspicions were confirmed when a friend said they had seen him with another woman going into an apartment building. When confronted he admitted it, blaming stress at work and depression. He promised never to do it again. But Sharon still had her doubts, his behaviour was still secretive. Rob had already lied to her once, so she needed to find out if he was still doing it. Sharon booked a polygraph which confirmed her suspicions.

Case Study

Disputes over paternity

Bill had raised Kayden, 8 and Kayleigh, 5 as his own. But out of the blue one day, another man turned up on their doorstep, saying that the kids were his. Bill confronted his wife who denied it. Bill didn’t know who to believe, so he arranged for a lie detector test. His wife sat the test and the results showed that she hadn’t had intercourse with the other man during this time. He was an old ex-boyfriend from many years before that still held a grudge.

Disputes Over Paternity

If you have doubts over the paternity of children that you have been bringing up as your own, it can put extreme pressure on family life. There are only two ways to find out for sure. One is a DNA test which costs in the region of £400 and you will have to wait for weeks or even months for the result.

The other is a lie detector test which provides a much quicker and more convenient way to settle the dispute. All it takes is a few well thought out questions to get the answers that you need.

Suspected Drugs and Alcohol Abuse

We often see cases where parents are concerned about possible drug or alcohol abuse. Maybe they have a teenage son or daughter that is staying out all night regularly and won’t say where they have been or what they have been up to.

A polygraph will reveal whether they are hiding serious drug or alcohol abuse or even addiction. This could be the first step to getting them help such as enrolling them into a rehab centre. Regular re-testing can then be scheduled to make sure that they haven’t relapsed back into these destructive habits.

Case Study

Verification of drug or alcohol abuse

The parents of a 17-year-old boy were concerned about his behaviour after he started attending raves. He was very hyperactive and fidgety one minute, down the next. It was starting to affect his school work, so they called in a lie detector test. It turned out that he was taking amphetamines and cocaine regularly and was even stealing to fund his habit. They talked him into going to a rehabilitation centre and he has been free from the addiction for over three years.

Case Study

Domestic abuse

Diana was worried about her daughter. She had been seeing an older man for a while and had become withdrawn and anxious. She wouldn’t say what was going on, but Diana could tell that her boyfriend had some anger issues. In desperation, Diana talked her daughter into sitting a polygraph test and it showed that she was lying when asked about domestic abuse. She broke down and told her mother the truth about everything.

Domestic Abuse

Maybe you have got together with a new partner who seems to have a bit of a temper and you want to check that he isn’t prone to abusive behaviour.

A lie detector test can put your mind at rest. You can ask questions such as have they ever struck a partner in the past or have they ever tried to control or manipulate partners.