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You have a right to know the truth. Need help with a work situation or at home? We have a service that will separate honesty from the lies.

A lie detector test may seem like a big ordeal. You may be worried about how it all works and how it can be organised. We can take care of all that. We provide an efficient and accurate service.

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Polygraph Test Available in London Now

We have venues throughout the country and can arrange a test in London. If you prefer, we offer a mobile service at a venue of your choosing. We aim to provide flexibility and convenience for our clients.

We have helped countless people in situations like yours.

“It’s the best thing I ever did. It showed my husband had been lying and I could move on with my life. Their service is really good, they take you through it step by step and the examiner was really friendly and helpful.” Seana, 42, London

“Someone kept stealing stock out of our warehouse. We set up cameras, but they were too clever to get caught on them so we brought in a lie detector test. This got them pretty quickly. We were able to find out the two guilty ones and terminate their contracts.” David, 52, Wolverhampton.

Our professional service gives you answers quickly and accurately. Our polygraphs are proven to be accurate to 95-98%.

So why wait any longer when the ability to find the truth is available right now on your doorstep?

Private Polygraph Test

Are you struggling to resolve a family issue? Are things becoming unbearable at home?

Dishonesty can wreck family life. Our lie detector tests help to restore family harmony by revealing the truth.

We can guarantee discretion and confidentiality in all cases. Our examiners are highly trained to be sensitive to the needs of our clients.

These are some of the situations we have helped to resolve:

  • False accusations - Your conscience is clear, but others don’t believe you. Clear your name quickly and give others peace of mind. Our polygraph service will help you to prove your innocence.
  • Family cases (including theft, false statements) - Stop your family from being destroyed by dishonesty. Quickly find out who is lying and who is telling the truth. We specialise in finding the truth in a sensitive family situation.
  • Disputes over paternity - Arguing over paternity? Not sure where to turn to find out the truth? Try our lie detector service to settle the dispute.
  • Verification of drug or alcohol abuse - Worried about a family member’s alcohol or drug use? Are they in denial about it? A lie detector test can help you to find the truth and them to face their demons.
  • Domestic abuse - Stop the horrible cycle of domestic abuse. There is nothing more destructive to family life. If you suspect someone is guilty of this, call them out with a lie detector test.

Commercial and Business Polygraph Test

Do you suspect somebody at work of lying? Are their actions threatening the success of the business?

Business relies on honesty. When people are lying, it can send things into a downward spiral.

Commercial polygraph testing will help you to get things back on track.

Our examiners are used to dealing with workplace disputes with the utmost discretion. Our swift and accurate service will uncover the truth efficiently.

Typical situations include:

  • Internal conflicts - Conflicts can destroy productivity. Don’t let it continue for weeks or months. Get all the involved parties together for a polygraph test. The truth will come out and you can get business back on track.
  • Employee theft - Are your profits being hit by theft? Employee theft is on the rise. Don’t allow your business to suffer because of dishonesty workers. Book a test to stop them in their tracks.
  • Pre-employment screening - Make sure you are getting the right people for the job. Find out quickly if potential recruits are hiding wrongdoings. Protect your profits and save yourself the hassle of removing a bad employee. Book a lie detector test to screen candidates at the interview stage.
  • False insurance claims - Is an employee making a false claim against you? It can be difficult to prove that they are lying. Situations like this can destroy a business. Use our service to make them drop false claims.
  • Drug and alcohol abuse history - Uncover your employee’s past. Is there anything you should know about? Things they would rather keep hidden? Get full disclosure with a polygraph test.
  • Unfair employee treatment - Make sure that any discrimination or abuse in the workplace is dealt with. Get a lie detector test to find out the truth. Deal with any situation that arises quickly and accurately.
  • Employee fraud - Fraud has brought down even the biggest banks at times. Don’t let fraud destroy your business. Don’t let the fraudsters win. Use our service to find the guilty parties.


We realise that making the decision to use a polygraph test is a big one. But it is often the only option if you want the truth. We hope that you have a good idea of what our polygraph services can offer. However, if you have any more questions, check out our FAQ page.


Can you put a price on the truth?

When you need answers, you often need them quickly and without fuss. Whether you book our commercial or private service, you will receive the most efficient, accurate and customer-focused lie detector service on the market.

There are things we offer that our competitors don’t. Our examiners are specially trained to handle sensitive situations with compassion and sensitivity. They are fully accredited and trained to the highest standard. Our equipment is always up to date with cutting-edge technology, offering the most reliable and accurate service.

Included in our quotes are:

  • The services of a professional, accredited examiner.
  • A detailed report outlining the results of the test
  • Complexity of the case - examiners will work with you to write questions that will get to the truth

Any price we quote will include VAT – there are no hidden, additional costs.

Free Consultation

Our service is the best available on the market.

Call or email now for a free consultation.

We will discuss your case and see how we can help. It will also be your chance to ask any questions you may have. Our customer service assistants are always happy to help.

How to Book

If you want to find out answers to your problem right away, then you need to book a lie detector test as soon as possible. We can take bookings in London today.

Don’t wait for the truth. Book a test now.

Once you have decided to use our services booking a test is straightforward, either visit our website at or contact us by telephone on 07448 639338.

Research & Publications

Do you want to find out more about the science of lie detection? You will have seen them in the movies or TV shows, but there’s a lot more to lie detection than meets the eye. You may have questions, how do polygraphs work? Can they be cheated? Find out more by reading our guides and publications on lie detectors and the psychology behind lying.

What is a polygraph lie detector test?

You may have seen it in the movies or read it in a book – lie detectors are no myth. It is common knowledge that they are one of the most efficient tools

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history of lie detector invention and evolution

Many people consider the polygraph as an absolutely modern invention, presented to the World by the most outstanding scientists who used up-to-date technology

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Can a polygraph test be cheated?

Polygraph testing has always been a controversial matter for all kinds of reasons. The most known controversy regards the devices accuracy

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Ancient methods of lie detection

Throughout the ages human beings have always searched for ways of verifying the truthfulness of the information received .

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How a polygraph works.

People are used to lying. One could even say, that lying has become a natural part of each human beings life.

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How to know when somebody is lying to you

For some, this question tends to be a reason for serious research. It is said that our body language can easily display if the things we are saying are true

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