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We are providing Lie Detector Tests across the UK with a client focused approach. Together we are combining a wealth of experience, knowledge and high level execution with a regulated operating framework and strict code of ethics. We use the best and modern polygraph equipment available and upgrade our devices regularly, to ensure that we deliver the most accurate results. We have combined over 40 years of experience in the Polygraph Industry and all our examiners are vetted, highly trained and accredited by the BPS (British Polygraph Society) and APA (American Polygraph Association) which is the leading world body in lie detector testing.

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Private Lie Detector Test

Our private lie detector test is specially developed to assist couples in learning the facts about their relationship

The Private Lie Detector Test

When there is an underlying element related to a specific event which may have happened, the test can identify the truth of the matter. Suspicion erodes trust and the test will either reinstate confidence or confirm a partner’s worst fears. Either way, both partners are able to move forward with their lives when they are in full possession of the facts. Our specialist polygraph examiners frequently deliver the infidelity lie detector test service to private clients all over the UK. Consistently the truth is established and our clients are able to make informed decisions based on the verified report they receive after the test. More often than not the report helps repair relationships rather than destroy them.

What type of questions can be asked? The questions proposed during an infidelity lie detector test are designed to reveal the facts. For example, you will want to know if you partner has been unfaithful, whether any sexual contact has taken place, how often and perhaps with how many people or specifically with whom. You may want to know how long a particular affair has been going on. When a relationship began and/or ended can also be queried. It’s usually not advisable to ask questions that relate to what a person believes or what their opinion is on a matter. Depending on how complicated an issue is an infidelity lie detector test can take up to 2 hours. Usually up to 8 questions will be proposed with 2 to 3 of them related specifically to the issue that has caused the problem. The remainder are questions the examiner needs to ask for metrics and behavioural purposes in building a profile of the subject.
The full scope of case work involved in the infidelity lie detector test process spans around 2 hours. The first step is to discuss your case with one of our highly confidential and discreet client support personnel. This is a free consultation when we’ll consider the information you provide and tell you whether or not the test will help you. If your circumstances are suitable a reservation can be made for a mutually agreed time, date and location to conduct the test. On confirmation of your booking it is necessary to pay a non-refundable booking fee of £150. After the payment has completed we will send you a text message (sms) and email together with a secure access to our online pre-examination assessment form which must be completed within 24 hours. Once completed by you (the client), or by the subject(s) of the examination, and returned to us you can then proceed to the final booking stage where the remaining fee is taken. Once received a booking email with be sent to you confirming, date, time and office location of our test. Secure online booking system As can be expected from a confidential service, our online booking system is highly secure and simple to use. Instructions appear on screen to enable you to complete the process easily with the minimum of fuss. You can also choose the option of a home (residential) test or one in our controlled offices at a location nearest to you.
On the day of the test the total time to complete all aspects can be up to 2 hours. If the test is conducted at your home, our accredited, specialist examiner will arrive discreetly in a normal (unbranded) car. If it is to take place in one of our offices, you check in with our receptionist by giving your names. It’s not necessary to state why you are there, she will already know. Our examiner will be notified of your arrival and greet you. Both parties can be present for the pre-examination interview when your relationship will be discussed in detail including the suspicions or other issues you have. Questions you may have stipulated during the reservation process or those you want to be proposed will also be discussed. The examiner will suggest the correct wording for each question to ensure you get the answers you require. The context and wording is important with close ended, definitive questions that ensure an accurate result is achieved.
When the test is completed, if the results are irrefutable immediately, we are obliged to notify our client. (Our client is always the person who made the booking). If both parties are present and they are comfortable with the results being made available to both our examiner will provide them verbally shortly after the test. However, this is only possible if the examiner deems the results to be conclusive. As with all of our reports the data derived from the test including charts, video and transcripts has to be analysed. After the analysis which ensures you get the authentic results the report is verified and sent to you. Usually this will be within 24 – 48 hours sent by email or ordinary mail – the choice is yours. The examiner who conducted the test analyses the data and a second examiner verifies it before the report is sent.
Through our network of controlled offices in all major towns and cities in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we are well positioned to serve our clients with Lie Detector Tests when they need them. We can also reach out to those wishing residential tests, including those in rural locations, in the evenings and over the weekend.

Commercial Lie Detector Test

Ensuring that staff members maintain the optimum standard of honesty and integrity is important to any organisation. Over recent years, with the increase in fraud, theft and other illegal activity many businesses have found it necessary to review their loss prevention policies. Our clients come from a broad spectrum of commerce and industry and have benefited significantly from the implementation of our Business Polygraph Testing service.

Business Polygraph Testing

Pre-employment screening

Small businesses don’t have the budget or resources of the large Human Resource departments in large corporations. Introducing the polygraph into your pre-employment screening process is not only affordable but also prevents unquantifiable loss. Business polygraph testing allows you to confirm the details in CVs you have been given by potential candidates. You can verify that everything you have been told is the truth as well as gain some insight into the character of the individual. Among other checks that you can do such as criminal background, educational qualifications and work experience the polygraph is the best tool to validate the information you gather.

Legalities of Business Polygraph Testing

There is very little legislation related to the use of polygraph testing in business. However, an employee is not obliged to take a test and cannot be forced to do so. The best way to implement the process is to make submission to testing part of the employment contract. Or to send a memo outlining that testing is a new policy about to be introduced accompanied by a letter that employees are requested to sign agreeing to be tested. Most honest employees will have no problem in complying.

Credibility Assessment Division

The Credibility Assessment Division was founded on a core framework to assist businesses in the public/private sector to be able to suitably assess the authenticity of personnel within the realm of their organisation.

Random testing of existing employees

Random testing is a policy adopted by many of our clients to ensure the workforce remains loyal to the company and doesn’t steal from it. The introduction of tests sends a clear message to employees that the business has a zero tolerance toward fraud and theft. Questions can be formulated to match the individual duties of staff members. The polygraph can also be used if a specific employee is suspected of criminal activity.

Working out questions that need to be propose We work closely with you to formulate appropriate questions specific to the truth you need to find. Whether in the pre-employment screening process, theft, fraud or anything else that is bothering you. Normally up to 8 questions are asked with 2-3 of them relevant to the matter you are concerned about. The other questions proposed are for profiling purposes, related to behaviour and metrics. You may want to know if your data has been passed to a competitor, or what the subject knows about theft of equipment or assets. Questions must always be related to factual matters rather than opinion. The test may take up to 2 hours depending on how complex the issue is which includes the pre-test interview.
Business Polygraph Testing can take up to 2 hours. Firstly, you’ll need to discuss your requirements with us.  We can do this on the telephone or organise an online conference. If you want to order Business Polygraph Testing on a regular basis for recruitment screening or random checking we can arrange to meet up at your offices or ours. Initially we’ll gather information from you and make a decision as to whether polygraph testing will benefit your particular circumstances. If so, you will be able to book the service online using our secure reservation system when you can choose the date, time and location for the test. When the booking is confirmed you pay a £150 reservation fee which is not refundable. As soon as the payment has been cleared you will receive an sms (text message) and an email confirming payment and giving you access to our online pre-test assessment form.  This needs to be completed within 24 hours. On completion by you, someone acting on your behalf or the subject(s) of the polygraph test, the outstanding balance of the fee must be paid. Thereafter we will send you an email confirming all the details of the test including location, date and time. Secure online booking system Because of the sensitivity of our work, we provide the optimum in secure online booking together with a highly confidential and discreet service. On screen instructions guide you through the booking procedure that is easily understandable. During the process you will be able to designate where you want the test to be conducted with a choice of office locations near you or onsite at your business premises.
Pre-Test Interview 2 hours should be set aside for the employee on the day the test takes place, longer if they are travelling to one of our offices. On arrival at our office our examiner will meet your employee after checking in with our receptionist. Thereafter, the pre-test interview will commence when a number of questions will be discussed including those that you have predetermined with us. The purpose of the pre-test interview is to ensure the subject is relaxed and understands completely what the test is about. The predetermined questions and the way they are worded are suggested by the examiner since they need to be defined and close ended. The most accurate results from the polygraph come with perfectly worded and contextualised questions are asked.
Business Polygraph Testing Results and Report If the issue has been a simple one, and the result is considered conclusive at the end of the test, our examiner will immediately apprise the client verbally if required. To be precise our client is the individual who booked the test. Unless otherwise advised in writing that we may share the results of the test with a 3rd party we will never do so. Detailed analysis of the resulting transcripts, video and charts will be undertaken by the examiner who performed the polygraph test. It will then be verified by another equally qualified and accredited examiner before the report is sent to the client, usually within 48 hours. There are a many benefits for companies to introduce Business Polygraph Testing into the recruitment or loss prevention strategy. You can rely on us to advise you how to implement it effortlessly without distressing your staff.
We have controlled offices located in most major cities and towns throughout the UK where testing is performed. Alternatively the test, subject to environmental conditions, can be conducted at your place of business or in the employee’s home.

Nationwide controlled offices, residential tests and discreet locations available

Private and Business Lie Detector Test services in any location throughout the UK

Our lie detection service is flexible with wide coverage and prompt service. We can schedule your lie detector test with relatively short notice. Our secure and discreet locations are available if required and if conditions requested by the examiner are met then we can conduct the polygraph examinations at residential addresses.

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Our Lie Detection Services are readily available when needed and we are helping clients across the UK everyday to resolve matters and move on in their lives.

Easy Online ordering for discreet, prompt and professional lie detector services

Through our secure online booking system, you can request your preferred date, time and location for the lie detector test. To proceed and confirm your booking we will require upfront payment of £150 (not refundable booking fee). Once the payment is received you will receive a sms (text message) confirmation of your booking and pre-examination assessment to complete online,

The remaining balance of your chosen test will be required before the examination day. There are no hidden costs – all prices include vat, initial upfront payment, full written report and controlled office.

Find out more about Lie Detector Tests including how it works? costs? and common questions asked about the test

Through our network of controlled offices in all major towns and cities in the England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we are well positioned to serve our clients with Lie Detector Tests when they need them. We also offer out reach for residential tests from our locations and can cover anything from evening, weekend or rural requirements. Our discreet and confidential approach means that we do not travel in marked cars or our offices do not appear with big signs outside as we believe it is important to respect clients privacy in cases where people are conducting tests and may not wish others to know.

Our code of ethics means we do not advocate treating the private matters of our clients in the public domain and always aim for a swift and concise resolution to their issue so that they can move on with their lives and not have prolonged after effect after having a lie detector test conducted.

Our controlled offices are available Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm and private Lie Detector Tests which are conducted there are normally scheduled at 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm, 7pm as the average test takes 2 to 2.5. Residential tests can be scheduled more freely and are offered where suitable as they are available late into evenings and weekends. Clients who have young children also book residential during the working day if it is more suitable as we require the home to be void of disturbance when the test is conducted there. More information is available by contacting our client support team or one of the designated local numbers during office time. All calls are diverted to our client support team out of office hours.

0117 395 0927
0186 541 3176
0203 129 6800
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Through our sister company, we are able to provide Lie Detector Tests in Ireland also. We have controlled offices locations in Galway, Dublin and Limerick and also offer the same service with residential outreach and to rural addresses.

Empathetic Professional and in Pursuit of the Tuth

+353 1 800 945 209 Toll-Free Helpline. Feel free to contact us for a lie detection consultation.

Office: +353 1 5136885, (Calls taken 8am to 8pm)

Our Head Examiner: George Ferreira, +353 1 5710661

Our controlled offices:

  1. Alexandra House, The Sweepstakes, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4, Ireland
    Our busiest location as we provide testing in all areas of Dublin. Lie Detector tests can only be conducted by appointment and booking. We do not accept walk-ins because of the nature of our service.
  2. Phoenix House, Monahan Rd, Ballintemple, Cork, Ireland
    Our Cork office is been specially selected for it being fit for purpose for Lie Detector Testing.
  3. 62 Plassey Village, Newcastle, Castletroy, Co. Limerick, V94 KF6Y, Our controlled office in Limerick is discreet and visited by appointment only so you can be sure you matters remain confidential.
  4. GCI House, Salthill, Galway, Ireland
    Our Galway controlled office location is suitably setup to provide the neccessary environment to support our framework and mantain oru high level of accuracy.

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