“Our Polygraph Examinations (Lie Detector Tests) are helping people to resolve a wide range of issues from infidelity, theft and employment accusations to family disputes and more..”

“We take pride in working with our Clients on an individual case by case basis. All of our polygraph examinations are conducted to the highest professional standards”

We are here to help and can help you and your partner get the closure and move on with your lives.
Client Confidentiality is at the forefront of our approach.

The truth is often in the detail and in times of stress we can become clouded and find it difficult to separate matters of the heart from the mind. Our examinations are designed to achieve and deliver accurate results for our clients.

Instant and accurate results

25+ Testing Locations

Approved & Verified Examiners

Lie Detector Test

We provide state-of-the-art lie detector tests all over the UK. You can be assured that our polygraph service is the most reliable and accurate on the market.

Trust issues can destroy relationships and in our experience without closure on a matter things can continue to deteriorate regardless of effort from both partners to resolve the problem.

False accusations

Your conscience is clear, but others don’t believe you. Clear your name quickly and give others peace of mind. Our polygraph service will help you to prove your innocence.

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Your partner is acting strangely. Where were they last night when they said they’d stayed late at the office? That faint smell of perfume, was it from an innocent embrace with a colleague or something more sinister?

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Are your profits being hit by theft? Employee theft is on the rise. Don’t allow your business to suffer because of dishonesty workers. Book a test to stop them in their tracks.

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Family cases (including theft, false statements)

Stop your family from being destroyed by dishonesty. Quickly find out who is lying and who is telling thetruth. We specialise in finding the truth in a sensitive family situation.

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Government Testing

Increasingly, government departments and agencies are using lie detector tests to reveal the truth. It is important that government and council workers are held to the highest account.

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Pre-employment screening

Make sure you are getting the right people for the job. Find out quickly if potential recruits are hiding wrongdoings. Protect your profits and save yourself the hassle of removing a bad employee.

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We conduct tests all over the UK

Our lie detection service is extremely flexible. We can come to you in any location across the UK and you can have a resolution within hours. Please check our polygraph testing locations in the whole of the UK where we offer polygraph testing. Wherever you are our examiners will help you find the truth.

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For ethical and accuracy reasons we cannot come to private dwellings, but our price can include the use of a rented office or other location to carry out the testing. Our examiners can meet you at a predetermined venue and will be ready to start testing within half an hour of arrival.

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Lie Detector Test in London

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Lie Detector Test in Leicester

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Lie Detector Test in Liverpool

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Lie Detector Test in Leeds

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Lie Detector Test in Bedford

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Lie Detector Test in Brighton

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Lie Detector Test in Bradford

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Lie Detector Test in Oxford

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Lie Detector Test in Doncaster

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Lie Detector Test in Liverpool

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Lie Detector Test in Luton

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Get peace of mind with our professional polygraph services

Whether it’s a private or business matter, we’re here to help. You can come to us or we can come to you. If the truth is important to you, which we’re confident it is, then you will definitely benefit from using one of our services.

We are leaders in providing lie detecor tests across the UK

At British Polygraph Examiners we believe that offering an ethical and supportive service is the key to our success.We are focussed on bringing the truth to light. We realise that accuracy and reliability are our customer’s highest priorities and we will always deliver them. We do this by only using the best equipment and the best examiners.


Number 1 in the UK

We pride ourselves on being the number one lie detector service in the UK and we will do everything to preserve that reputation. That means the service given will always be top notch and we go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy. We have helped countless people in situations like yours


Highly trained & experienced examiners

We have the most highly trained examiners with state of the art equipment to obtain the truth. The accuracy of tests has been scientifically shown to be between 95 and 98%. Our discrete and professional service will make your experience a smooth one from start to finish. Our staff are all highly qualified from accredited training schools in the USA and Israel.

20+ Polygraph Test Locations

Our head office is in London, but have access to many venues across the UK. Our mobile service is swift and reliable. To guarantee accuracy, we cannot perform tests at a private home, but can arrange a venue near to you. Our tests are available any day of the week at many locations across the UK

Instant and accurate results

BPE have a wealth of experience in carrying out highly accurate tests.  We use the best and modern plygraph equipment available and upgrade our devices regularly, to ensure that we deliver the most accurate results. You will receive a full report detailing the results. We are world-leaders in providing polygraph tests and provide services internationally.

Book a lie detector test now

Sometimes the truth can be hard to hear. But don’t they say that the truth will set you free? We believe that the harshest truth is still better than a lie. If you want to get the answers you need to hear, then book a test now.

Online Appointment

Let us help you take control of the situation you’re facing

Making the decision to use a lie detector test can seem huge. But it’s quite simple really. If you need the truth quickly, it’s the simplest way. The reasons for wanting a lie detector service are many. The outcome is always the same. The truth. You may not always get the answer you long for. Perhaps you want your husband to be innocent, but the test proves he has been unfaithful. At least then you can give an ultimatum or move on with your life.

Our examiners are trained and experienced in administering tests that will uncover the truth in any scenario. We have developed a special system of cross-testing whereby the examiners regularly test each other’s skills, knowledge and professional competence.

Call our Experts now for a FREE professional advice

What can you expect from your initial phone consultation?


An experienced customer service representative who will answer any questions you may have.


Talk us through your situation and we can advise on what type of polygraph service will be best.


We will explain how the polygraph test works and what the benefits and limitations are.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients to find the truth and help more and more each day.
We offer services to clients ranging from private individuals to businesses and government agencies.

5 5 1
Got my life back on track after my parents got me to sit a test about my drug use. Thanks to the polygraph I admitted everything and started going to counselling sessions. Their tests work well to get the truth out of people

5 5 1
I was a bit cynical about polygraphs. Because they aren’t used in court I thought they were a waste of time. I was convinced after reading one of their web pages where it says that the tests are about 98% accurate. That made up my mind and I went ahead and booked. Never regretted it.

5 5 1
Simply great. They got to the truth quickly and surprised me with how friendly they were.
test Overall rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 29 reviews.

News & Publications

Do you want to find out more about the science of lie detection? You will have seen them in the movies or TV shows, but there’s a lot more to lie detection than meets the eye.

You may have questions, how do polygraphs work? Can they be cheated? Find out more by reading our guides and publications on lie detectors and the psychology behind lying.

Dealing with trust issues in a relationship

When relationships break down, trust is often the blamed as the culprit. Arguments get heated, hearts get broken and the whole experience can sour the months or even years of happy memories. After all that, if the truth hasn’t come to light you’re left with loose ends...
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Body language lie detection

It sounds hard to believe, but it is said that the majority of our communication is portrayed through non-verbal communication. Initially, this may seem like an exaggerated statement, maybe even absurd, but it is a discovery backed by multiple scientific findings. We...
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5 Times Celebrities needed Lie Detector Tests

In a celebrity world dominated by the media, gossip and rumours, how do we know what to trust when a scandal breaks? Some of our favourite celebrities have been caught out in a fall from grace. Here are 5 that could have done with taking a lie detector test to settle...
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Military Uses of Lie Detectors

The military, CIA, FBI and other US Government organisations hold many secrets and are the foundation of thousands of conspiracy theories. From highly classified documents to secretive interrogations and missions, they must have some way to decipher who’s trustworthy...
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Polygraph Questioning Techniques

Lie detection is not a new phenomenon. Way before the sophisticated equipment of today was introduced, we had our own ways of determining the honesty, or otherwise, of our fellow man, and the basis of those methods was surprisingly similar to the ones used now. We...
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Single Issue test vs Multi Issue test

This is not a method of questioning as such – any of the techniques mentioned could use Single or Multi Issue questions so it is more a variation on a theme. Looking at Multi Issue Testing first – this is when an examiner asks the subject questions on several...
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Lie detector test accuracy

How Accurate is a Lie Detector Test? A lie detector test, or polygraph, is only as good as the examiner. Look at it this way – you could take driving lessons in a top of the range Mercedes, with all the bells and whistles, but if the instructor is rubbish then you’re...
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How to prepare for a polygraph test

Undergoing a polygraph examination often proves to be pretty stressful. This happens thanks to the fact that in some cases the test may look like an interrogation. Some are scared of the outcome of the test and fear that they will be falsely accused of something they...
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Ancient methods of lie detection

Throughout the ages human beings have always searched for ways of verifying the truthfulness of the information received . Lies have managed to begin enormous conflicts that would sometimes turn into brutal wars. Sometimes choosing between telling the truth or lying...
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How to spot a liar

For some, this question tends to be a reason for serious research. It is said that our body language can easily display if the things we are saying are true or not. Before you subject anybody to a polygraph test you obviously want to be sure whether your suspicions...
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