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Get to the Truth Instantly

Polygraph testing has long been recognised as being the most accurate way to determine whether somebody is lying or not. The tests are a relatively short process and are accurate to within a tolerance of 95-98%. This is based on research by the American Polygraph Association that studied over 6000 tests used in real life crimes.

Here at British Polygraph Examiners, we are the most reliable provider of lie detector tests in the UK. Our strict recruitment policy means that we get the best examiners in the field who are regularly trained and audited to ensure they can deliver the best service.

Lie Detector Testing all over the UK
We offer a range of lie detection services both to individuals and businesses who wish to be assured of the truth. Wherever you are - London, Liverpool, Leicester, Manchester, Bradford, Doncaster, Leeds, Sheffield or any other town or city - our examiners will help you find the truth.

We conduct tests all over the UK. We have offices in London, or we can arrange for a suitable venue to be made available near to where you live.
State-of-the-art technology and professional UK examiners
Strict selection of polygraph examiners
We endeavour to provide the highest quality service by employing only the best British examiners who continuously update their accreditations and qualifications.
All our examiners have graduated from courses approved by the American Polygraph Association - the leading professional polygraph organisation in the world. We carry out annual internal checks of their education progress and professional development.
Modern equipment
We use the most modern equipment available on the market, and upgrade our devices regularly, to ensure that we deliver the highest possible standard of accuracy.
Test location
We have access to suitable venues all over the UK, to enable the examination to take place in a location convenient for you. Let us know your postcode, and we will suggest an office or venue in the proximity.
Immediate results
Within 15 minutes of the end of the examination you will receive a report detailing the results, as well as an audio and visual recording of the test itself.
Quality control
We have developed a special system of cross-testing whereby the examiners regularly test each other's skills, knowledge and professional competence.

The credibility of our results is maximised by our stringent equipment standards and strict criteria by which we hire and assess our examiners. Hire professionals to find out the truth.
Why use our services?

We have many years experience providing polygraph testing services to individuals and corporate clients, during which time we have dealt with the most difficult, complex and sensitive circumstances, handling each case with professionalism and discretion.

The equipment we use is frequently tested and regularly upgraded, and our examiners are highly-skilled and experienced professionals who are leaders in their field and passionate about delivering the truth. Our continual focus on providing the highest standards of professionalism and customer service have secured us a trusted reputation within the industry.

How can a lie detector test help you?

Lies, fraud and false accusations are not uncommon in our world. They can have a destructive impact on lives, damaging reputations and depriving groups, companies and individuals of security and peace of mind. A polygraph examination will help uncover the truth. Whether you believe that a partner, colleague or family member has lied, or if you have been falsely accused, we can help allay fears and restore reputations. We act quickly and provide accurate and credible results.

If you think your partner is cheating on you and want to find out if these suspicions are true – let us know! We will find the answers you are looking for. Have you been falsely accused of something? No need to worry – we will help you defend yourself and prove your innocence. Quickly and accurately.


What is a polygraph lie detector test?

You may have seen it in the movies or read it in a book – lie detectors are no myth. It is common knowledge that they are one of the most efficient tools

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history of lie detector invention and evolution

Many people consider the polygraph as an absolutely modern invention, presented to the World by the most outstanding scientists who used up-to-date technology

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Can a polygraph test be cheated?

Polygraph testing has always been a controversial matter for all kinds of reasons. The most known controversy regards the devices accuracy

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Ancient methods of lie detection

Throughout the ages human beings have always searched for ways of verifying the truthfulness of the information received .

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How a polygraph works.

People are used to lying. One could even say, that lying has become a natural part of each human beings life.

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How to know when somebody is lying to you

For some, this question tends to be a reason for serious research. It is said that our body language can easily display if the things we are saying are true

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