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Polygraph Services

Polygraph testing has long been recognised as being the most accurate way to determine whether somebody is lying or not. The tests are a relatively short process and are accurate to within a tolerance of 95-98%. This is based on research by the American Polygraph Association that studied over 6000 tests used in real life crimes.

Here at British Polygraph Examiners, we are the most reliable provider of lie detector tests in the UK. Our strict recruitment policy means that we get the best examiners in the field who are regularly trained and audited to ensure they can deliver the best service.

If the truth is important to you, which we’re confident it is, then you will definitely benefit from using one of our services.

Frequently performed tests

Commercial Investigations
Our polygraph experts give you the possibility of verifying the truthfulness of your employees […]

False accusations – clear your name
Everyone has the right to defend themselves and lie detector tests provide the possibility to prove your credibility and innocence.

Incidents of theft can cause significant setbacks to companies, leading to losses and undermining the position of the management if they are not resolved quickly [...]

Relationship issues
Throughout the years we have been faced with this challenge many times and our test has many times proved to […]


We recommend this service for resolving private issues. For instance, if you suspect a loved one of cheating on you. Or maybe you suspect that a friend of the family has taken something that belongs to you. We have even dealt with cases where parents suspect their children of taking drugs and want to find out the truth.

Whatever answers you are trying to find, we can help you with our private polygraph test. These disputes can destroy families and friendships if they’re not resolved. Sometimes our private service is the only way to resolve these issues.We can guarantee discretion and confidentiality in all cases. Our examiners are highly trained to be sensitive to the needs of our clients.

We are experienced in dealing with all kinds of private cases, including

  • Relationship issues (including infidelity)
  • False accusations
  • Family cases (including theft, false statements)
  • Disputes over paternity
  • Verification of drug or alcohol abuse
  • Domestic abuse


There comes a time in everyone’s professional life when they have to decide whether someone is lying or not. It’s inevitable. It can also be extremely difficult to ascertain the truth.

Sometimes this may be during the recruitment process. If you have doubts when interviewing somebody, without the aid of a polygraph you just have to take their word for it or choose not to employ them. This can result in a big headache if you employ the wrong person or you could miss out on a valuable employee because you mistakenly doubted their word. This is why more and more businesses are choosing to use a lie detector test as part of the interview process.

Other times companies have to try to find the snake in the grass. Perhaps someone has been dipping into company funds or helping themselves to stock, but it’s impossible to prove who it is. Luckily, you can book a polygraph with us and we can resolve the issue for you.

Our service is extremely flexible. We can come to you in any location across the UK and you can have a resolution within hours.

We have experience in resolving the following issues:

  • Internal conflicts
  • Employee theft
  • Pre-employment screening
  • False insurance claims
  • Drug and alcohol abuse history
  • Unfair employee treatment
  • Employee fraud

Research has shown that the accuracy of a polygraph test is very much dependent on the examiner that delivers it. There is a common misconception that these test aren’t used in criminal investigations as they lack accuracy, but this isn’t the case. They aren’t admissible in court because they could allow reasonable doubt, but police and private investigators will often use them to aid with their investigations. The police and military actually use polygraph testing to vet and screen potential recruits.

You may be wondering whether it would be easier or cheaper to hire a private investigator. Please bear in mind that the cost of hiring a PI in the UK is between £50 and £80 per hour and they will also charge expenses for mileage and equipment on top of that. A typical matrimonial surveillance investigation will cost in excess of £1000 and could run much higher than that if the partner is covering their tracks well.

We recommend that a polygraph test is all you need to uncover the truth. We have helped many people like you in the past and helped to restore peace and order to their lives or stability to their business interests.

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Research & Publications

Do you want to find out more about the science of lie detection? You will have seen them in the movies or TV shows, but there’s a lot more to lie detection than meets the eye. You may have questions, how do polygraphs work? Can they be cheated? Find out more by reading our guides and publications on lie detectors and the psychology behind lying.

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Can a polygraph test be cheated?

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Ancient methods of lie detection

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To find out the truth, book a lie detector test now.
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