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Lie detector test in Norwich, false allegations
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Norwich exposes Scheming Daughter
Manchester lie detector tests, Greater Manchester Police, sex offenders
Manchester Lie Detector Tests for some Sex Offenders become Permanent Monitoring Tools for Police
Warwickshire Polygraph Examiner, employee polygraph screening, lie detector tests
Nursing Home Manager’s dilemma addressed by Warwickshire Polygraph Examiner
lie detector test in Winchester, military infidelity
Case Study | Lie detector test in Winchester reveals Military Infidelity
Sheffield Polygraph Examiner, knife crime, lie detector test
Sheffield Polygraph Examiner advises on Teenage Knife Crime
Jeffrey Epstein, lie detector tests, sexual abuse
Death of Jeffrey Epstein has brought the worst out in our Society
West London Polygraph Examiner, misconceptions about lie detector tests
West London Polygraph Examiner dispels Misconceptions about Lie Detector Tests
Leicester Polygraph Examiner, lie detector test in Leicester
Case Study | Leicester Polygraph Examiner discovers more than the Truth
Fake news and Media bias, Chelmsford Polygraph Examiner
Chelmsford Polygraph Examiner Studies the effects of Fake News and Media Bias
sexual crime suspects to retain anonymity, polygraph examiner in Liverpool
Is it time for Sexual Crime Suspects to retain Anonymity?
lie detector test in Oxford, infidelity in the military
Case Study | Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Oxford reveals Cheating Husband
polygraph tests in the workplace, commercial polygraph services, employment tribunal
How to use Polygraph Tests in the Workplace
Lie detector test in Gloucester, theft within the family
Case Study | Lie Detector Test in Gloucester exposes Dishonest Sister
Newport lie detector test, drug addiction
Newport Lie Detector Test Examiner advises on Drug Addiction
Carl Beech, paedophile ring, lie detector test, false allegations
The Devastating Consequences of False Allegations by Carl Beech
How to retain your business reputation, polygraph services, lie detector tests, recruitment
How to Retain your Business Reputation with Polygraph Services
Theford lie detector test, Norfolk polygraph examiner, infidelity
Norfolk Polygraph Examiner advises on Thetford Lie Detector Test for Infidelity
drug addiction in Manchester, lie detector test, polygraph test
Case Study | Suspicions of Drug Addiction in Manchester lead to Polygraph Test
lie detector test in Islington, anti-Semitism, Jeremy Corbyn
Invitation to Jeremy Corbyn to take a Lie Detector Test in Islington
pre employment screening in London, EyeDetect, lie detector tests, SCAN
Options available to Employers for Pre-employment Screening in London and Nationwide
Northumberland Polygraph Examiner
Northumberland Polygraph Examiner looks at the Jeremy Kyle Fiasco
Lie detector test in Catterick, military personnel infidelity, North Yorkshire polygraph examiner
Lie Detector Test in Catterick for Military Personnel Infidelity
Gambling addiction, Chelmsford polygraph examiner, lie detector test
Chelmsford Polygraph Examiner advises on Gambling Addiction
Stockport lie detector test, polygraph examination
Case Study | Stockport Lie Detector Test resolves Deceased Friend’s Wishes
London Polygraph Examiner, strawberries and cream at Wimbledon
London Polygraph Examiner advises on possible Infidelity at Wimbledon
my husband is cheating on me, lie detector test in Aberdenn
Aberdeen Polygraph Examiner responds to my Husband is Cheating on me
Lie Detector Test UK Monthly News roundup
Lie Detector Test UK Monthly News roundup for June 2019
Bolton Polygraph Examiner, child abuse
Bolton Polygraph Examiner advises on Historic Child Abuse Case
Gay infidelity lie detector test, lie detector test in Norwich
Case Study | Gay Infidelity Lie Detector Test in Norwich elicits Confession
lie detector test in Durham, Baby P, Tracey Connelly
One Lie Detector Test in Durham is pointless for Baby P’s Mother
Newcastle polygraph examiner, youth offender, lie detector tests
Newcastle Polygraph Examiner extends Invitation to Youth Justice Board following Horrific Stats
Swansea lie detector test, false allegations of rape
Swansea Lie Detector Test confirms False Allegations of Rape
lie detector test invitations, Brexit, journalists, Kevin Maguire
Should we extend our Lie Detector Test Invitations to Journalists?
Latest news from Lie Detector Test UK
Latest News from Lie Detector Test UK 16 June 2019
Hampshire polygraph examiner, lie detector test monitoring, animal abusers
Hampshire Polygraph Examiner calls for Lie Detector Tests to monitor Animal Abusers
Birmingham polygraph examiner, lie detector test in Birmingham, psychic medium
Case Study | Birmingham Polygraph Examiner tests Psychic Medium
Bolton lie detector test, polygraph
Case Study | Missing Holiday Money cleared up by Bolton Lie Detector Test
Manchester polygraph examiner, infidelity, lie detector test
Ask a Manchester Polygraph Examiner about Infidelity
Chester lie detector test, Lucy Letby
Alleged child killer nurse should take a Chester Lie Detector Test
Lie Detector Test in Bridgend, Madeleine Moon MP, Brexit
Invitation | Madeleine Moon MP take a Lie Detector Test in Bridgend about Brexit
schedule a lie detector test in Derby, polygraph examiner in Derby
Case Study | Mother decides to Schedule a Lie Detector Test in Derby for her Son when Money goes Missing
Wolverhampton Polygraph Examiner, fraudulent campaign GoFundMe, lie detector test
Wolverhampton Polygraph Examiner advises on GoFundMe Campaign
Durham Polygraph Examiner, Whorlton Hall, Cygnet Health Care, pre employment screening
Durham Polygraph Examiner concludes Cygnet Health Care doesn’t care
Cumbria lie detector test, Rory Stewart, Brexit
Invitation to Rory Stewart OBE to take our Cumbria Lie Detector Test

Partner Sex Offender Test Case Study

The Partner Sex Offender Test has become the first step before co-habitation for many couples, especially those with children. Read on to find out how lie detector tests have made their way on to the to-do list for modern couples. Online dating After the nineteenth...

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Lie detector test case study

Theft in the workplace

This is what you should do if you suspect theft in the workplace It is shocking to learn that as a result of the current economic climate of frozen wages and rising costs of living, workplace theft is on the rise. According to smallbusiness.co.uk, data from The...

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What does it mean to Fail a Lie Detector Test?

A polygraph examination isn’t a fail or pass issue like taking your GCEs at school. You won’t fail a lie detector test based on how knowledgeable or intelligent you are. ANS and consciousness Polygraph technology functions by measuring physiological alterations in...

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fail a lie detector test

How the brain reveals if someone is lying

Lie detector tests are on the rise. When someone is lying, the gnawing doubt is unbearable- you need to know the truth. The problem with lying is that it destroys trust, leaving you unable to believe anything someone tells you. How can you tell if...

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Case Study: False Allegations on Social Media

If someone makes false allegations on social media about you, the news can spread like wildfire and not just among your friends and family. Work colleagues and even your boss may see or be alerted to them. A wicked lie Our client first became aware of a false...

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Lie detector test case study

Is it possible to beat a lie detector test?

Searching Google for how to beat a lie detector test will produce some interesting results. There are lots of suggestions, without proof, as to how you can fool the polygraph. Here are some of the methods recommended: Taking cannabis, cocaine or other recreational...

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beat a lie detector test

What some People will do to Avoid a Speeding Ticket!

Many people have been accused of having 'Walter Mitty” type characteristics but none as apt as one UK motorist who did everything possible to avoid a speeding ticket fine of £100 last week. It took police two years to track Christopher Henry down after he led them...

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avoid a speeding ticket, lie detector test

The Average Brit admits to Telling Lies over 10 times per week!

Research conducted by One Poll on behalf of confused.com found that the average Brit lies in excess of ten times per week. 40 per cent claim that lies are ''sometimes necessary'.  Telling lies appears to have become more acceptable with only 5 percent believing it...

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telling lies, lie detector test

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