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Supporting our Clients by Protecting their Interests - The Credibility Assessment Division

Our credibility assessment division is focused on business matters and alternative dispute resolution. We are ICO registered and sign non-disclosure agreements with all clients at the point of the initial call.  You can be assured that the matter is handled with strict confidentiality and the necessary professional etiquette.

Credibility Assessment Division - Polygraph Testing and Psycho-Physiology

The Credibility Assessment Division was founded on a core framework to assist businesses in the public/private sector to be able to suitably assess the authenticity of personnel within the realm of their organisation. In many cases we have encountered companies with longstanding employees where there is suspicious handling of sensitive data, potential fraud, physical theft and often partnerships where trust is deteriorating and there is not an immediate substantial evidence to proceed with legal action. Furthermore, in our experience where the personnel provide an important service either as employees or to our clients then it can jeopardise the relationship going forward if the concerns are then disproved and course of action was misappropriated.

Through credibility assessment, we can help safeguard businesses by measuring the integrity of their personnel and providing reports to assist their decision making.

Employment Screening - Can be added to your HR/Recruitment Practise

Assistance with staff recruitment

The story above highlights the importance of vetting your staff well. Most businesses are susceptible to fraud in one way or another, so it is worth getting peace of mind during the recruitment process.
Polygraph tests can be used to verify a candidate’s qualifications, skills, and experience. They can be asked about their values to determine whether they are a good fit for the position they are applying for and match the company culture. Moreover, a test can be useful in uncovering criminal wrongdoings they have failed to disclose.

It is also good practice to periodically test employees, especially if you are in an industry that is susceptible to financial loss or loss of reputation.

Case Study

Pre-employment screening

James is the CEO of a security firm that deals with high profile clients. They had their fingers burnt when a previous employee had a history of criminal behaviour that wasn’t disclosed on interview. He went on to steal from one of their valued clients, who they promptly lost. Since then James has insisted on lie detector tests as part of their recruitment process.

Case Study

Drug and alcohol abuse history

Suzanne is chief recruitment officer for a well-known insurance company.
“We now use lie detector tests to screen for drug abuse as we found out that people were cheating the urine sample drugs tests. You can buy ‘clean’ samples over the internet to test negative for drug use, but they can’t cheat the lie detectors.”

Case Study

Employee fraud

A small business operating three florists in the London area had noticed inconsistencies in their accounting. They weren’t sure where it was coming from, so they tested all of their employees and found out that one had been skimming from cash receipts. The dishonest employee was fired and they tightened up their systems.

Case Study

Internal conflicts

A data breach at a very successful IT firm led to conflict between members of the programming team who blamed each other for the exposure of the confidential code. None of the team members would take the blame and it was causing a big loss of productivity. The senior manager decided to arrange a polygraph and found the person that caused the leak.

Case Study

False insurance claims

An employee of a warehouse firm made an insurance claim when a forklift truck had apparently malfunctioned and threw him to the ground. There was no evidence of any fault with the machinery and his injuries didn’t seem consistent with his version of events. The company tested him with a polygraph. It turned out he was lying, the injuries had come from a fall at home. He withdrew the claim and no longer works for the company.

Fraud detection

No business can afford to lose money through fraud. It can cripple or even destroy the most secure business if it goes unresolved or undetected. To stop your business ending up like Baring’s bank you should takes steps to stop fraud immediately. If the culprit can’t be found (they are often good at hiding their tracks) a lie detector test is the only option. This will mean examining any staff that have financial access. Most people will jump at the chance to prove their innocence, so don’t worry about lowering staff morale.

Often, the fraud will be committed by a group of employees rather than a lone individual. This can be harder to detect as they will cover and lie for each other. Again, a lie detector test will highlight all of those involved and put a stop to the theft.

Prove your Innocence

Being falsely accused can be devastating. It can destroy your career. The pain of knowing that you have done nothing wrong can even lead to a mental breakdown. If you’re in the position of being wrongly accused, you will know what this is like. It is torture. It seems like there is no way out. That is where a lie detector test can come to your rescue. Not only can you prove your own innocence, but if someone else is to blame it can help to prove their guilt.

Polygraph tests are ideal for refuting false allegations. Perhaps you’ve been accused of spending money fraudulently on the company credit card, but you think you know who actually did it. Or maybe someone has been stealing stock and your boss suspects you. It’s hard to shake off allegations against you even if nothing can be proven. People say there is no smoke without fire and there will always be doubt against your name. A polygraph will remove that doubt.

You can get on with your career, safe in the knowledge that your reputation is intact. Your conscience is clear, you just need to prove it to others.

No matter what the scenario, we can help. We will arrange for a lie detector test to be set up at a location near you and our well trained examiners will ask just the right questions to prove your innocence. Don’t suffer with injustice for any longer, book a lie detector test today.

Case Study

Unfair employee treatment

Jane felt discriminated against by her line manager. She had developed a disability and he would make derogatory remarks about her. After a while, he fired her for supposedly ‘not reaching her sales targets’ although this was untrue. She went above the manager to the CEO. He immediately arranged a lie detector test to settle the dispute. The line manager was shown to be lying and was promptly removed from the company and Jane was reinstated in her post.

Case Study

Employee theft

The sales manager of a tech firm had noticed some suspicious transactions on the company credit account. They appeared to be private purchases that had no paperwork attached to them. He knew it was one of the twelve people in his sales team, but had no way of telling who, as they all had access to the account. After trying to investigate it with no luck, he turned to our lie detector service. The culprit was apprehended and suspended immediately, pending a full inquiry.


As soon as you notice things going missing, whether it’s money or produce, you must act swiftly. Nothing eats into your profits like a thief (or thieves). But it can be difficult to pinpoint the culprit. They are often good at covering their tracks. So how do you catch them?

A lie detector test is the quickest and surest way to bring the thief to light. Our polygraph tests are industry leading and our examiners highly trained, so you can be assured that the truth will be found.

Employee theft is on the increase, up around 5% year on year since 2011. Often they will work in teams to make it easier to avoid detection. Data theft is also a growing problem. Personal data on customers can be sold to unscrupulous marketers and scam artists for a decent profit. This is irresistible to some bad employees and is difficult to protect against without massively expensive cyber-security in place.

You really can’t afford to suffer losses at work. If you have a case of theft and want to act quickly, contact us now. You can easily book the test online and bring the thief to justice swiftly and surely.