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What is a polygraph lie detector test?
You may have seen it in the movies or read it in a book – lie detectors are no myth. It is common knowledge that they are one of the most efficient tools

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history of lie detector invention and evolution
Many people consider the polygraph as an absolutely modern invention, presented to the World by the most outstanding scientists who used up-to-date technology

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Can a polygraph test be cheated?
Polygraph testing has always been a controversial matter for all kinds of reasons. The most known controversy regards the devices accuracy

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Ancient methods of lie detection
Throughout the ages human beings have always searched for ways of verifying the truthfulness of the information received .

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How a polygraph works.
People are used to lying. One could even say, that lying has become a natural part of each human beings life.

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How to know when somebody is lying to you
For some, this question tends to be a reason for serious research. It is said that our body language can easily display if the things we are saying are true

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Polygraph accuracy
What makes the results of the examination so accurate is the fact, that they depend on more than one measurement method. The ways a person is tested may...

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Beating the polygraph test
The growing popularity of polygraphs, also known as Lie Detectors, brings up one very simple question: What exactly is a polygraph? A polygraph is a device...

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Polygraph Testing in London
Since many years polygraph testing has been done in London to detect the truth and this technique has some gold standards used in resolving...

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Do Lie Detectors Work
The main task of a polygraph is to determine whether a given statement is true or not. The accuracy of the result is reliant on many factors some of which...

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Polygraph testing questions
In order to help you prepare for your Lie Detection Test we decided to tell you a little bit about the test itself, focusing mostly on the questions asked...

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Where to get lie detector test in UK
The fact that you have reached this page means that you may be seriously considering ordering a lie detector test for yourself. And since your case might...

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Lie Detector Test to verify the truthfulness of a potential employee
The polygraph, also known as the Lie Detector is a device used to determine whether a given statement is true or not. This ability allows the machine...

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Polygraphs creditability in the British justice system
A question is frequently asked: Are polygraphs of any creditability in the British justice system? Hence they are so well-known, the answer would seem...

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Polygraph Court Usage
Lie Detector usage has many times proved to be a vital source of information and evidence. Years ago, investigation services would use the means...

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How to beat a lie detector test
We often hear of individuals which claim that they know how to beat a lie detector test even the best specialist in the area of lie detection...

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What are the stages of a polygraph test
The lie detector test is nothing else but a truth verifier, that thanks to the physiological measurements taken from the examinee has the ability...

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