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We offer a range of lie detection services in Lincolnshire both to individuals and businesses who wish to be assured of the truth.

Do you feel your partner has cheated on you, or you don't believe their version of events? Have you been a victim of fraud perhaps by an employee or someone close to you and you need to establish who is the perpetrator?

Do you want assurance that someone is telling the truth so that you can move on in your work or personal relationship?

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We provide the most reliable lie-detector test service in the UK, using state-of-the-art technology and examiners who are accredited members of leading UK and international polygraph associations, with many years experience in establishing the truth. This guarantees that we will provide the most accurate interrogation results possible.

Where can I take a polygraph test?

The test can be conducted anywhere at a place that will be most convenient for you. The examiner can come to your house, or to a neutral venue such as a hotel if you wish. You will incur no extra charge for that. If you would like the test to be carried out in Lincolnshire we may suggest an office or similar venue close to the post code of your choice.

Lincoln, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Grantham, Boston, Cleethorpes, Spalding, Skegness, Gainsborough, Stamford

British Polygraph Examiners will come to a location of your choosing, or arrange a suitable space in a convenient location, anywhere in the UK.

Our services are suitable for businesses and individuals. You may believe you are experiencing an infidelity issue in your relationship or are a victim of a form of corporate fraud or deceit. If so, we can help, and immediately upon completion of the test you will receive a report which will clarify your doubts.

All of our examiners are highly qualified and experienced experts in the field, as well as being respectable and dependable professionals who will hold and handle any information regarding your situation in the highest confidentiality.

How to book a polygraph test?

Once you have decided to use our services booking a test is straightforward, either visit our website at or call 07448 639338.

Most frequent reasons for which our customers use our services

  • Infidelity and trust issues within a relationship. We often see couples asking each other questions relating to the true nature of their contacts with other people, their feelings for their ex-partners, actions during work trips.
  • Behavioural problems within couples and families. Gambling, gaming, drug addictions, internet dating, cybersex... We will help you find out even the harshest truth.
  • Financial dishonesty in relationships and families. We help disclose secret bank accounts, large credit card debts on joint accounts, undisclosed purchases, personal bankruptcies...
  • Background checks – be it pre-marriage, or pre-employment.
  • Commercial investigations. Companies use polygraph services when they suspect employees of wrong-doing.
  • Domestic theft. We solve problems ranging from establishing who stole a golden ring from the bedside drawer, through to stealing someone’s identity, spending family money, and running up unseen debts.

Commercial Investigations
Our polygraph experts give you the possibility of verifying the truthfulness of your employees […]

False accusations – clear your name
Everyone has the right to defend themselves and lie detector tests provide the possibility to prove your credibility and innocence.

Incidents of theft can cause significant setbacks to companies, leading to losses and undermining the position of the management if they are not resolved quickly [...]

Relationship issues
Throughout the years we have been faced with this challenge many times and our test has many times proved to […]

Research & Publications

Do you want to find out more about the science of lie detection? You will have seen them in the movies or TV shows, but there’s a lot more to lie detection than meets the eye. You may have questions, how do polygraphs work? Can they be cheated? Find out more by reading our guides and publications on lie detectors and the psychology behind lying.

What is a polygraph lie detector test?

You may have seen it in the movies or read it in a book – lie detectors are no myth. It is common knowledge that they are one of the most efficient tools

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history of lie detector invention and evolution

Many people consider the polygraph as an absolutely modern invention, presented to the World by the most outstanding scientists who used up-to-date technology

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Can a polygraph test be cheated?

Polygraph testing has always been a controversial matter for all kinds of reasons. The most known controversy regards the devices accuracy

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Ancient methods of lie detection

Throughout the ages human beings have always searched for ways of verifying the truthfulness of the information received .

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How a polygraph works.

People are used to lying. One could even say, that lying has become a natural part of each human beings life.

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How to know when somebody is lying to you

For some, this question tends to be a reason for serious research. It is said that our body language can easily display if the things we are saying are true

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