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Infidelity Lie Detector Tests in Durham

Our polygraph services are in high demand across the North East for a diverse range of situations. These include matters related to infidelity, drug/alcohol abuse, theft within the family, domestic abuse and sexual harassment.


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Infidelity Lie Detector Tests in Durham

Durham is a Cathedral and University City located in the North East of England and is a fine example of “England’s green and pleasant land”. Surrounded by rolling hills it is situate on the banks of the River Wear. There are strong sporting traditions and competitiveness in Durham including rowing, cricket, football and rugby. However, as our lie detector tests in Durham show, the competitive spirit extends beyond the traditional.

Infidelity lie detector tests in Durham

Our polygraph services include tests for pre-employment screening, historical sexual abuse, theft from family and the workplace and much more. But of all services the infidelity lie detector tests in Durham are the most in demand.

An annual Infidelity Index produced by Illicit Encounters, the dating website for those looking for affairs, indicates that 8 percent of Durham residents are cheating on their partners. No stranger to indulgence, over 22 percent of adults in Durham smoke exceeding the national average of 20.7 percent. Alcohol abuse is also slightly higher than elsewhere in the UK.

Negative lifestyle choices are not without consequence. Of those who take polygraph tests in Durham for infidelity, many are found to be culpable. However, marriages and relationship also have a high rate of survival. This may be due to an excellent Relate counselling service that exists in the area.

Why is infidelity so high?

Research has shown that 72 percent of Durham University students marry each other. This is highly unusual since the average marriage rate in Universities is between 18 and 20 percent.
Perhaps marrying young is responsible for the high infidelity activity or maybe getting the ‘7 year itch’. Those over 40 believe they are getting old and seek to prove they are not with younger partners who still find them attractive.
Whatever the cause, getting caught is never pleasant and nor is the lead up to discovery. Arguments caused by suspicion erode every aspect of relationships. When trust is gone, the relationship runs the risk of irreparably breaking down.

Infidelity lie detector tests in Durham can help

Our experienced and professional polygraph examiners are unbiased and want to help. Lie detector test results don’t have to mean the marriage is over. Sometimes they lead to a better understanding of the problem that caused the infidelity.

Call us today on 0800 368 8277 to discuss your problem confidentially. Alternatively, if you are in urgent need of lie detector tests in Durham book a test online with our easy to use secure system.

Please feel free to browse the various Lie Detector Test formats we have available

Many cases which have greater complexity require a bespoke solution and we are happy to assist with a no obligation free consultation should you require more assistance.

Lie Detector Test for Infidelity

Do you need help with your relationship? Does your partner think you are having an affair? Loss of trust in any relationship due to infidelity, is difficult to restore. If you are being falsely accused, you will be suffering stress and anxiety. You can repair the damage by taking a lie detector test to prove your innocence. At Lie Detector Test UK, we specialise in polygraph (lie detector) tests to ascertain honesty or deceipt within relationships.

Lie Detector Sexual Contact Test

When a person suspects their partner of infidelity the sexual contact test is used to determine whether or not they have cheated. The questions asked during the lie detector test vary depending on the circumstances but broadly include:

– Whether the subject has had sexual intercourse with anyone else
– Whether there has been any other form of intimate contact, such as kissing.

Invariably our clients suspect their partners have been unfaithful but want to know one way or the other and to what extent.

Lie Detector Test for Sexual Allegations

Being falsely accused of sexual abuse is a nightmare, being a victim equally so! If this applies to you our specialist team of sexual abuse examiners is sensitive, highly trained and experienced in such cases. You can trust Lie Detector Test UK Examiners to handle your case discreetly, sensitvely and confidentially. With our polygraph (lie detector) tests, you can dispell false allegations and obtain verification of the truth. Our examiners can investigate private and personal allegations against family, friends or employees.

Integrity Lie Detector Test

Integrity is one of the most important human qualities and when unfairly challenged, rightly upsets people. Has someone questioned your honesty? Keep your reputation intact by taking a lie detector test.

At Lie Detector Test UK we can help people who are falsely accused, to prove their innocence. From us you will obtain verification of the truth or dishonesty, whichever you are trying to prove. Our lie detector test for integrity services are tailored to your unique circumstances.

Lie Detector Test for Theft

Do you suspect that someone has stolen from you? Have you been falsely accused of stealing? At Lie Detector Test UK, we administer polygraph (lie detector) tests and provide evidence as to the innocence or guilt of a suspect. We provide proof of innocence/guilt in personal and workplace theft by:

– Identifying the suspects and the motivation for the theft
– Recovering stolen items
– Confirming innocence or guilt