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How to choose Examiner

There are hundreds of companies in Great Britain which offer lie detection services and selecting the best one can be very difficult. How to choose the right examiner? How to avoid being scammed?

It would seem that professional polygraph experts would value the truth more than most people. Most of them do, but there are also fraudulent examiners. Thousands of people are taken advantage of each year, paying high prices and receiving low quality of service in return. We cooperate only with the best certified polygraph examiners in Great Britain, the EU and the US. Each expert must meet our high requirements and pass our stringent verification process.


Unfortunately, apart from inadequately trained examiners there are also those who are oriented solely on profit, taking advantage of their clients’ difficult situations. Although we expect from an expert that he or she will be fair and impartial, the reality is sometimes quite different. The effectiveness of the polygraph, proper training, certificates and membership in associations is worth nothing if such an "examiner" can manipulate the result of the test for the right price. Such situations occur quite frequently - the betrayed husband or wife finds out that they will be tested and try to contact us. With so much to lose (family, home, children) they offer financial benefits to modify test result in their favour. The offered amounts often reach tens of thousands of pounds. Remember that choosing a fair examiner is extremely important for the examination’s credibility. We guarantee 100% impartiality during testing. If we receive any proposals or suggestions for manipulating the examination outcome, we refuse to provide the service and immediately inform the client’s partner.

Lie Detector Test Price

Questions regarding the examination price should appear at the beginning of the conversation between a client and an examiner. Customers are not aware of the numerous factors that may affect test results and often look for the lowest possible prices. They can be taken advantage of by examiners who are just starting to learn their profession or focus on the number of tests at the expense of their quality.

Since the results of a polygraph test can change your life, it is absolutely crucial that you choose the best possible examiner. Low prices should be your last consideration - in polygraph testing, you usually get what you pay for.

Polygraph test prices are usually in the £300-£1,200 range and depend on the examiner. A very high price may indicate that the expert is not economically active and only performs tests occasionally, looking for a naive customer who seeks help from the best specialist. Always be careful and remain vigilant, remember that many examiners are great salespeople who just want to take advantage of a client’s difficult situation. You will never be referred by us to an untrained or unverified examiner..

Test duration

Polygraph tests involve the use of questioning techniques enabling to detect deception. Make sure that the study will take a minimum of 90 minutes and no more than 5 critical questions. The essential elements of the examination are: a proper interview before the test and agreement on the questions which shall be asked. The examiner must devote a sufficient amount of time to selecting the right questions and thoroughly inquire about your health condition and medication taken.

If your examiner agreed on a large number of questions and the entire test lasted less than an hour and a half, then it is possible you are a victim of a fraud. A professional will be patient and will help to formulate the right questions and explain the entire process before testing.

Outdated equipment and lack of knowledge

Polygraph tests have a long history and lie detection technology is developing rapidly. Professional examiners constantly expand their knowledge and are equipped with the latest and most accurate polygraphs. Be careful and check whether the polygraph is a new, accredited and certified computer system or if the centre is using an outdated device. Nowadays, almost anyone can purchase a polygraph. Lie detectors are available on websites with classifieds and eBay auctions. This very often old or second-hand equipment which should not be used any more.

Our guarantee

Lie detector tests can provide compelling evidence that you are being honest. When used by a properly trained examiner, the polygraph can indicate truth and deception with accuracy close to 100%. We shall never offer you the services of pseudo-experts who are not trained well and lack sufficient knowledge, who do not regularly improve their qualifications, do not have proper references, or would accept a bribe for manipulating the outcome.

Have you come across illegal practices? If you have reasons to believe that you were cheated and your test was conducted incorrectly, or you suspect that the results were manipulated, please contact us at We guarantee complete discretion. You will receive free confidential advice and guidance.

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