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So you want to become an accredited EPA European Polygraph Examiner?  In most cases, you’ll need an education at degree level with analytical and interpersonal skills.

A career in lie detection is exciting, rewarding and never boring.  You’ll work alongside law enforcement, security intelligence, in recruitment and in the private sector among many other interesting industries.

For many years the only way to achieve a recognised examiner’s qualification was to study in America for an APA (American Polygraph Association) accreditation.  The cost of travelling to the USA and staying there for a minimum of 200 hours of study, proved beyond the reach of many potential examiners.  When the EPA was in founded in 2003 more people were able to gain this coveted accreditation.

What is the EPA?

The EPA (European Polygraph Academy) has an international reputation for providing first class training in the Lie Detection Industry.  The Academy combines e-learning and practical coursework to those seeking careers as Polygraph Examiners or wishing to upgrade their skills. Certified by the Israeli Computerised Polygraph Association (ICPA) and by Europolygraph, anyone holding this accreditation can look forward to a promising future.  Students benefit from interacting with their tutors, clearly defined modules and save both time and money when studying with the EPA.

Here we look at how you can gain your accreditation in Europe, opening a gateway to provide one of the most highly sought after services in modern times.


To be accepted on an EPA course you will need a Bachelor’s Degree, or to work in government or law enforcement agencies.  Degrees in psychology, criminology (including criminal justice) or any of the forensic sciences will be useful to you.

Since the work involves writing of reports and interpersonal communication skills you will find the course easier if you possess them.

If you are already a police, government or intelligence officer, you may be accepted onto a course if an official request is submitted to the EPA.

EPA Basic Training Program

By completing the basic course you will gain not only EPA accreditation but also Israeli Computerised Polygraph Association certification.

You need to be prepared for intensive study and commitment as basic training spans 400 hours.  This includes spending 40 hours as an intern with the nearest associate partner to where a student lives or with one of their choice.  Certain modules of basic training can be performed online with others necessitating practical application. You can expect to spend a minimum of 12 weeks on approved EPA training.

Modules include:

  1. Learning about the history of the polygraph and methodology required to perform lie detector tests.
  2. Preparation of subjects before the test commences
  3. Identifying physiological and biological responses to questions asked during the test.
  4. Preparing reports and how they should be written
  5. How to work closely with agencies who are investigating cases
  6. Requirements when giving testimony in court
  7. Operation of computerised lie detector equipment
  8. Tests throughout the modules.
  9. Ongoing training requirements

When you have passed basic training you can begin your career as a Digital, Accredited, EPA European Polygraph Examiner.

Advanced EPA Training

When you have been in practice for a period of time you may want to enhance your skills by taking more advanced training.  It is your obligation to keep up to date in all matters related to the Lie Detector Industry.

A further 700 hours of coursework is required to attain the EPA MASTER IN FORENSIC PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY accreditation. Examiners at this level of certification have achieved the necessary practical skills to perform in the top echelons of the Polygraph Industry.

For more information or to enrol for EPA Polygraph Training contact us.

How to become an Accredited EPA European Polygraph Examiner
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