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Welcome to Lie Detector Test UK, we are the industry’s leading online professional polygraph service provider. The very essence of a Lie forms part of the daily fabric of our society from fake news to wider deception and at the same time, they can have a severe effect on our private lives through infidelity, accusations and family disputes. You can be certain that we will adhere to provide the best support we can in pursuit of the truth.

Empathy, Discretion and Confidentiality

Client emotional well-being is central to our approach and we listen carefully and respectfully to all matters which are brought to our attention. We treat each client relationship on its individual needs and work to understand all perspectives and propose the most viable solution. We analyse each individual case and look to provide an elevated level of discretion where matters need to be kept private, whether amongst relatives, employees or within your social groups.

Residential Tests Available

We do conduct polygraph examinations at residential addresses but only where our accredited examiners feel it is viable. Certain conditions will be requested by the examiner to create a controlled environment. This is to avoid potential distractions, distortion to the results for the examinee and maintain our elevated level of accuracy. We respect client confidentiality and do not disclose any of our controlled locations until the booking is confirmed and only to the person with whom the booking is made.

Our Experience and Professionalism

BPE have a wealth of experience in carrying out highly accurate tests.  We use the best and modern polygraph equipment available and upgrade our devices regularly, to ensure that we deliver the most accurate results. We bring together combined over 40 years of experience in the Polygraph Industry and all our examiners are vetted, highly trained and accredited by the APA (American Polygraph Association) which is the leading world body in lie detector testing.

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BPE Code of Ethics

British Polygraph Examiners adhere to the following code of ethics:

  1. Each examinee must be treated in a professional and respectful manner
  2. No verdict or opinion shall be expressed or published without substantial measurements made. The data collected during examination must meet the standard accepted by the polygraph society
  3. Each examinee has the right to a post-examination interview, in which the examiner is obliged to explain certain results. This rule does not apply in situations in which a court decision has been stated that no post-interviews are to take place
  4. The examiner will not accept money or any gifts which are intended to influence the examiner’s opinion
  5. An examiner will not conduct a polygraph test if there is an opinion that lawbreaking may take place
  6. Examiners will publish verdicts and opinions which are based on their professional knowledge and abilities. It is prohibited to publish misleading information or false statements
  7. All information received during the examination will remain confidential
  8. The examiner will not ask questions that reveal religious or political beliefs
  9. All examiners shall comply with the American Polygraph Association (APA) code of ethics

BPE Code of Practice

  1. Polygraph reports are always an unbiased and impartial account of data gathered during the examination
  2. Before the examination, enough time will be allowed to ensure that the examinee, and any third party involved, is satisfied with the examiner’s understanding of the case and the prepared list of questions
  3. Following the examination, the examiner will allow as long as necessary for any questions, doubts or reservations that the examinee and any third party involved may have regarding the report and the examination procedure itself
  4. Unless relevant to the case, the examiner will not enquire of the examinee any information regarding their occupation or their religion, political persuasion or race
  5. The examiner will hold and handle any information regarding the circumstances of each case in highest confidentiality
  6. The examiner will refuse to carry out the test if they suspect that it is being used for unlawful purposes
  7. Any attempt through bribery or other means to influence the examiner with the intent of undermining the credibility of the outcome of the test will result in the test being annulled without refund. Any third party involved in the testing or booking process will be informed of any such circumstances

BPE Polygraph (Lie Detection) Service

We are more than just a lie detector service.

We train all of our staff to excel at customer service. This includes offering friendly and supportive advice. We would never tell you how to handle a situation, but we are here to listen and tailor our polygraph services to suit your needs. Our customer’s opinions are highly valued, so we always ask for feedback after a test. That way we always know how to improve our service.

We take great care to employ the best examiners that are highly trained and qualified. They calibrate the machines regularly and are experts in designing questions for the test. They will talk you through the results and ease any concerns you might have.

Our main office is in London, but our service is mobile across the UK. When you book, you can choose any major town or city located in the UK. We have offices that we regularly lease across the country, or you can book your own venue if you prefer.