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Only qualified and experienced polygraph experts.

Once you decide where to take a lie detector test, you can rest assured that all our examiners are professionally trained and verified.

Exams can be conducted for almost any legitimate purpose throughout the UK.          
We provide professional polygraph testing services as per the requirements of our clients.

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Why US
Strict selection of polygraph examiners
We guarantee the highest service quality thanks to a very strict selection of british examiners and a constant, periodic control procedure of all examiners we work with.
Modern equipment
The devices we use are not only of the highest quality but also are the most modern equipment available on the market
Quality Control
To make sure that all of the tests we offer are of the highest quality, each of our examinations undergoes Quality Control performed by a separate examiner
Test location
We are also very flexible regarding the location of the test. It is your decision to make whether you want to conduct the test at your home, office or maybe you want to take the test at our place.
We don’t make you wait long for the results. In most examinations it is a matter of 10 minutes after the examination has ended.
All examiners are graduates of an accredited American Polygraph Association (APA) training school, and they participate in advanced training and continual education programs.

The accuracy of our results is guaranteed by our stringent control and verification process of polygraph examiners.
Hire professionals to find out the truth
Use our polygraph lie detection services

Thanks to our many years of experience, we perfectly understand what it feels like to be lied to, falsely accused or cheated on. Through the analysis of the cases we had to deal with, we managed to not only develop a wide variety of services available for each client, but what is most important – we have learned to support our clients, especially in the most delicate and intimate cases. These include discovering evidence of cheating in relationships. Our polygraph experts also specialise in internal company investigations. The high accuracy of our results is ensured not only by our state-of-the-art equipment, but above all thanks to professionally trained polygraph examiners,

How can a Lie Detector Test help you?

Lies, fraud, and false accusations are unfortunately problems we have to face frequently. The consequences can often be very serious and have an enormous influence on our feeling of security. Polygraph examiners will help you find the truth and restore the feeling of comfort and safety that you need so much.

If you think your partner is cheating on you and want to find out if these suspicions are true – let us know! We will find the answers you are looking for. Have you been falsely accused of something? No need to worry – we will help you defend yourself and prove your innocence. Quickly and accurately.

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Our tests are available in the whole of Britain. Liverpool, London, Manchester...… your location is not a difficulty for us, we will appear there, where we are needed.

Our polygraph services are available throughout the UK, allowing us to reach any location our client requires.

What is a polygraph lie detector test?

You may have seen it in the movies or read it in a book – lie detectors are no myth. It is common knowledge that they are one of the most efficient tools

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history of lie detector invention and evolution

Many people consider the polygraph as an absolutely modern invention, presented to the World by the most outstanding scientists who used up-to-date technology

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Can a polygraph test be cheated?

Polygraph testing has always been a controversial matter for all kinds of reasons. The most known controversy regards the devices accuracy

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Ancient methods of lie detection

Throughout the ages human beings have always searched for ways of verifying the truthfulness of the information received .

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How a polygraph works.

People are used to lying. One could even say, that lying has become a natural part of each human beings life.

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How to know when somebody is lying to you

For some, this question tends to be a reason for serious research. It is said that our body language can easily display if the things we are saying are true

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